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Updated 1-5-2016
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Are you thinking of listing an inmate on a prison pen pal website? If so, then one thing to take into consideration is how many visitors a website receives. A prison pen pal website that receives high quality website traffic is important for a lot of reasons. It will greatly increase the inmateís chance of being able to successfully get pen pals when a site has traffic (visitors). is in the number one spot with solidly in second place and thereís a reason for this. They get the most traffic by far of any inmate pen pal websites and both prison pen pal sites have been established for over 10 years. We suggest that if a site is not in the top ten it may be a waste of money to list with them. What is written about the sites is what they wrote about themselves. is a fact website and not a review site. You can say that is the Bible to this website. We also own and got irritated about the false statements put on by copycat sites that their site is number one when it is not, and thatís a fact. The only website that is truly number one is and this site shows as to why it is number one.

If you are listing a female then it may be OK to list with most of the sites. However, if you are listing a male then I would not go past number three and this is why. It takes thousands and thousands of visitors before one will actually pick up a pen and paper and write a letter to a male inmate. Both and cannot guarantee the results that men might have when they are listed on the sites. I would estimate that about 10% of the men will not get results. You need to put an effort into the ad and use the best recent photo that you have and use your words wisely and honestly. Preferably the photo should come from prison which is more believable than an outdated photo taken before they were incarcerated. Many sites have inmate locators and will show information of the prisoner including a recent photo. provides links to the sites so visitors can look them up. Another suggestion is to use the site that I use to own but sold it. The site supplies links to both prisons and county jails. One thing to remember in regards to pictures is that if a woman is 45 years old, it looks very negative for her to put up a photo of herself when she was around 20 years old. Nobody is that stupid and this will cause them to get less mail and sometimes they wonít receive any mail at all because of it. Again, males and females both need to watch what type of photo they put up and it should be a recent one if possible. is ranked #2,177 in the world. as you can see at the bottom of this page is ranked between 3 and 6 million. This means that not too many people find it or have a use for it. You can get a free toolbar at and you can instantly view what a site is ranked. Any site that is ranked over five millions means that they are not getting a lot of visitors, very few in fact. A site that is labeled as No Rank gets only a few visitors if any. I find this very useful. For example, you may have a website thatís fancy dandy and might seem like itís a very important website but if the ranking on the website is in the millions then itís not very big. This also helps with being able to identify scam sites that might be claiming that they are a successful site. I frequent almost as much as I Do Google.

In my personal opinion, has only one competitor that is close and that website is  There was a brief period a couple of years ago when Write-A-Prisoner held the number one spot in traffic. No other site has acoomplished that in the last 15 years.

All of the top ten sites listed here are legitimate and not scams. They would not be listed if they were.

The bottom line is gets more traffic than any otther site and it is easier to navigate to the ads which would indicate that if you want an inmate to get mail then Meet-An-Inmate is the best way to go.




Inmates looking for pen pals. Both men and women's addresses are free. Ads are categorized by age. An inmate can get listed for $25.00 for six months or $35.00 for one year.  This includes two photos and up to 250 words. Very clean and easy to navigate site established in 1998.
Prison pen pals seeking friendship. Inmates personal profiles, inmates legal profiles and inmate resumes. Men and women behind bars seeking letters. Free to write inmates. Inmates can place one year ad for $40.00 that includes 250 words and one photo.
Prison Pen Pal Photo ads listed in 46 states!
One year ad is $39.99. Prison is a lonely world without a friend...
4 232,280
Prison Inmates Online is a directory that connects people through social networks along with inmates in US prisons. It's a great place to find prison pen pals or advocate for a prisoner. $50.00 to list an inmate for the duration of their sentence.

Through this site we hope to attract pen pals that can bring friendship, love and laughter to lonely prisoners who are locked away from society. One year inmate listing $40.00 of up to 200 words and one photo.
7 450,330
8 565,600 (AKA
9 593,939
10 935,858
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